Insane, Blamed, Biggotry

Puppies and Spiders and Shovels, oh my.
Das some bull shit

When the company moved to the town of Mindus, a central hub for a row of forts along the mountains, the party finally took a rest. The small enough town was big enough to peak our always curious angel’s quest to find something more bad ass, dragging along Gunner.
Of course, after going back to the tent, Myr Myr found something and wanted to show the shrub.
A little girl met them on the edge of town, asking them to help find her missing dog, Luna. Being ‘heroes’ and all, “I guess we could” (so long as she gives us something at the end). So off to the forest they go.
Wolves were no problem along the way, but something got sticky on the inside of the forest. I mean really sticky.. Like a web.
The dwarf, The angel, and The construct all hung there with the look of “oh shit” on their face (except for Myr Myr). Luckily getting out okay was easy. But what’s that they hear? A scuttle of leaves? Multiple scuttles?
In came two little spiders.. Or.. Maybe not so little, to come and eat their fill. Tsk, it was easy peasy for our hero— OW! The little bitch’s bite hurt! Excuse the three as they killed them, a bit of their ankles missing.
Finally, what a vermin. Thank God it was over.. Or was it? dun dun DUUUUN!
With a (not so quick) turn around, and a non needed spot check, stood a large spider with fangs showing.
With quite a bit of fighting and running around, and trying to get Myr Myr out of the web again, the monster was killed.
Welp.. No going back
Onward they went into the forest they went, finding the dog under a log, needing to be quiet so non noticing spiders stay as such.
Of course.. Armor isn’t the quietest not is it?
Our heroes ran as fast as they could while spiders rained down from on high as though Moses had a new plague.
Ran they did, all the way to the goverors house, where a little girl was reunited with her dog.
And our adventurers, awarded with 400 gold and one.. Shovel.

In memorium: The Kobold King

Ahem A not so long time ago, our heroes were tasked with clearing a cave filled with no other than the dreaded Kobolds, the heroes made quick work of the little beasties but found a room with large doors oOooOh taking an enemy ballista with them for good effort. Using his great strength, Kusan kicked the doors open. Ominously blue lights flicker one by one in the room revealing a rather large Kobold whos family had just been murdered. . And their foreskins stolen! He announced that the heroes would soon meet their doom! Kusan engaged the Kobold king in banter as they announced their hopes for each others blood on the floor! All of a sudden from behind Kusan a large Ballista round strikes the Kobold king, killing him with one shot! Apparently Sprague had decided he was done with their banter and fired upon the Kobold catching him completely off guard!! That my friends is the story of how Sprague is a bad ass! (And i suppose his friends are too)

Wyvern Down & Moving Out
Bitch, you got a job to do

As the wyvern flew out in the open, Bear Man and Dinera decided to go AWAL. Kusan, Sprague, and Drox, bravely faced this large draconian creature and brought it down. After reaching such a victory, a unexpected guest showed up. The mithral dwarf Gunner, a juggernaut from a fallen kingdom, proved his worth and joined the party. After returning to Red Castle, just as it seemed nothing more to be done, the call to battle was all but too soon. The Prince of red castle gathered his army and marched toward a oncoming slaughter.

Going back to the cave

Our valiant heroes (eh) get an extension on their contract, and are joined by a wandering sorceress. They galloped off on their damn cart to face the entrenched goblin encampment. Upon defeating the enemies, they pushed further.. Into the lair of a poisonous Drake.


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