Insane, Blamed, Biggotry

In memorium: The Kobold King

Ahem A not so long time ago, our heroes were tasked with clearing a cave filled with no other than the dreaded Kobolds, the heroes made quick work of the little beasties but found a room with large doors oOooOh taking an enemy ballista with them for good effort. Using his great strength, Kusan kicked the doors open. Ominously blue lights flicker one by one in the room revealing a rather large Kobold whos family had just been murdered. . And their foreskins stolen! He announced that the heroes would soon meet their doom! Kusan engaged the Kobold king in banter as they announced their hopes for each others blood on the floor! All of a sudden from behind Kusan a large Ballista round strikes the Kobold king, killing him with one shot! Apparently Sprague had decided he was done with their banter and fired upon the Kobold catching him completely off guard!! That my friends is the story of how Sprague is a bad ass! (And i suppose his friends are too)


berser498 a5leepingbaby

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